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Our Story


Marble Art is one of the original establishers of the marble and granite industry in the Greater Vancouver Region. In the mid 1970’s, the company’s founder, Maurizio Grande (having just immigrated from Rome, Italy), was amazed that just about all the residential construction was done in wood. This contrasted strongly to the permanence of stone that permeates the European architecture he grew up in. In 1979, he embarked upon bringing the cultural appeal and functionality of marble and granite to the architecture of Vancouver. Working with a shoestring budget, he began by importing marble and granite furniture from Italy. Our first showroom was opened on Granville Street and gave designers and home owners the availability of fine crafted stone from abroad.

The emerging West Coast style of home design, with its modern use of space and line, was a perfect match for the clean, natural look of quarried stone. Marble Art gave architects and designers access to imported pieces where their design emerged in a material that would stand the test of time.


The demand for custom made product, crafted to the specs of design professionals, soon made the import lag from Italy an impractical limitation. It was clear that a plant in which raw slab could be cut and worked by hand was necessary if the company was to grow in the industry. So, in a modest warehouse equipped with only one saw and a few grinders, we went to work crafting stone, bringing the age-old craft of Italy to Vancouver. It was in this environment that we cut our teeth in the industry, toiling with an unforgiving material with none of the luxuries that we enjoy today. With only a skeleton crew of craftsmen, many of whom are still with us today, it was not uncommon to see the company's founder, Maurizio Grande, cutting and moving slabs by himself in the wee hours of the night to meet delivery deadlines. Though difficult, it was during these years that Marble Art Canada Ltd. established itself as the leading provider of marble and granite to meet the standards of even the most discerning clients and designers.

By 1989, Marble Art was in full swing, though often with more work than resources. Timing issues became a concern that had to be dealt with in order to serve our loyal client base. Once again it was clear another move had to be made to secure the company's future in an industry that had seen remarkable growth in the demand for high quality stone product. Having been run as a family business for years, the company had to take the next step in order to provide the same level of quality that people had come to expect but at a higher volume.

It was at this time that Greg Charalambous became co-owner with Maurizio, and contributed his skills and experience of corporate construction to the business. In 1990, they acquired a much larger location and the machinery was upgraded to the latest technology. The yard was large enough to keep a variety of slabs in stock, allowing clients and designers to see the variety of stone in full view.


As demand for our custom craftsmanship grew, space became limited and another move was made to our current location, just outside of Vancouver, in Burnaby. It is here that we house our showroom, offices, and plant under one roof.

Clients can meet with us in one environment to;

  • discuss project details,
  • choose material and
  • follow the job progress.

Marble Art Canada Ltd. has continually adjusted to meet the demands of the industry and our clients, which in turn has created a work environment that is both productive and efficient. Our location provides clients with a relaxed and creative environment to work in.

Please feel free to make an appointment and/or come by during our regular business hours to discuss what we can do for you. You’ll be delighted with the results!

Our Story